Moog has been bought by inMusic

Moog has been acquired by inMusic, after months of searching for a new buyer.

The synthesiser manufacturer is now under the wing of InMusic, which also look after brands including Akai, Alesis, M-Audio and more.

According to a statement released by Joe Richardson, President of Moog Music, the partnership is hoped to “offer solutions to support the areas that have been ongoing challenges for our company as a small manufacturing business”.

“This new partnership will enable us access to inMusic’s efficient global distribution and supply chain network while providing inMusic and its affiliated brands with deep expertise in analogue synthesis,” he says.

As for the future of Moog, Richardson has assured fans that product development will continue to be led by Vice President of Engineering Steve Dunnington in the company’s North Carolina base, despite inMusic being based in Rhode Island.

“This partnership with inMusic will allow us to reach new communities and continue to push the boundaries of music technology,” he continues. “Finding a partner that honours our values, mission, and legacy is a great boon for our company and community.”

Moog adds: “With its diverse roster of innovative companies across the music technology space, inMusic is known for its dedication to developing quality performance and production instruments for musicians across the globe.

“We are thrilled to join this group of talented, like-minded people who support our mission as we continue to design and build the world’s best-sounding electronic musical instruments.”

Considering a lot of the brands housed under inMusic deal in software, and the new “boundaries of music technology” that Richardson suggests, perhaps some Moog software or plugins are on the horizon…

For more info on inMusic’s acquisition of Moog, head to Moog.


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